Interactive Visualizations with D3.js

Exploring fires in the United States from 2000-2018. Collaboration with Swetha Kannan.

View our deployed web app of Visualizing Wildfires in the United States.

In collaboration with Swetha Kannan, we create interaction visualizations for a subset of reported fires from the US Forest Service’s SpatialWildfire Occurrence Data for The United States. This was done as a class project for Data Visualizations class at Carnegie Mellon University. To learn more about the development process and design decisions, check out our

Exploratory Data Analysis

We retrieved our data from the US Forest Service’s Spatial Wildfire Occurence Data for The United States. The dataset was originally provided as an .sqlite file type and had over 2 million records of fires from 1992 - 2018. We created a subset of this dataset using SQL queries. Our filtered subset contains 259 records of fires from 2000 - 2018 that burned over 25,000 acres. However, I performed exploratory data analysis on this dataset for the previous assignment in this class. You can read my full report here.