Smart Mobility Resources

Research projects on bike sharing and electric scooter programs.

Manizales En Bici - Qualitative Study

I researched smart mobility resources for about a year and half in undergrad. Second semester my junior year, I was accepted into a program to conduct summer research abroad in Manizales, Colombia. After researching smart mobility resources in Manizales, Colombia, I learned that the resources were not equally distributed across the city. Lower income neighborhoods had acess to fewer resources. So, I designed a survey to better understand how adults in Manizales, Colombia viewed the current bike sharing program and how it plays a role in their daily lives. The survey was to be executed in person by talking in Spanish to the general public in Manizales, Colombia. However, the pandemic cancelled the trip. The study materials that I prepared can be found below:

Survey - Spanish PDF
Survey - English PDF
Literature Review PDF

Healthy Ride - Analysis and Data Visualization

Since my study abroad research trip to Manizales was cancelled, I decided to learn about the bike sharing program in Pittsburgh by first analyzing where the bike stations were located (since Healthy Ride is not a dock-less bike sharing program). I ended up working ont this project for a while which resulted in a workshop publication and a funded research fellowship in undergrad. Please check out my paper under my publications tab and my GitHub Repo.

Spin Scooters - Twitter Analysis

Currently as a side project with Dr. Nik Matelero, Dr. Sarah Fox, and Dr. Patrick Carrington, I have been scraping Twitter to fetch tweets talking about the new electric scooters offered in Pittsburgh. The tweets are connected to a google spreadsheet and will eventually be automatically scraped once every day. The scraper also grabs videos and images to include in the database.

From a very preliminary analysis, I identified several themes from the tweets including unusual or illegal uses, disrepect or damage of scotters, scooter accidents, and affordability.

In the future, I hope to continue coding out the rest of the tweet database and create a UI for city officials in any city to get a real-time understanding of what the public thinks about new transportation resources deployed.